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Plan your travel around Baikal
Plan your travel around Baikal
20 facts that describe the lake Baikal
Baikal is the deepest fresh-water lake in the world— at its very deepest some 1,642 meters from top to bottom. That's the same as 909 people standing on each other's shoulders!
When's the best time to visit Baikal
If you like hiking along trails or camping in tents, or singing songs by the campfire — well, then, summertime Baikal is the place for you.
10 things that everyone will want to do at Baikal
While driving around Lake Baikal, you will sometimes come across an unusual small pavilion along the road, often with narrow pillars that are decorated with colorful ribbons. These are meant to be altars for local spirits.
How to get to and around Baikal
Any traveler who wants to visit the western or southern shores of Baikal should plan to enter the region through the city of Irkutsk.
How to get an official visa for travel to Russia
All foreign visitors need a travel visa to enter Russia. You can apply for a visa through the Russian embassies in your home country.
What things cost at Baikal
You can find accommodations around the lake that will fit any budget or any taste that you might have. Besides the usual hotels, there are guest homes, health spas, cabins, hostels, and private apartments to let.
How to stay connected
How to stay connected—phone and internet coverage at Baikal. When you call into Russia, please remember that the national telephone code for our country is simply +7.
When everything is open at Baikal
The time zone at Lake Baikal is the same as in Beijing. When it is 5PM here in Irkutsk, it is noon in Moscow—and 10AM in London!
Getting around town and going down to the lake
If you plan to make multiple stops around Baikal, or if you want to visit several sites along the way, then you might want to work through a local tour operator.
What kind of souvenirs can you buy at Baikal — and where can you buy them
When returning home most travelers like to bring something back with them—a keepsake to share with friends and family.
In an emergency, what you should do…
Some tips on what to do if you take a wrong turn or lose your way—or if you fall ill while traveling.
Visual guide
Do you know what our Sagudai salad looks like? Or maybe one of our Sbiten drinks? Or how about the weird ice formations that you can see at Baikal? Please press here to find out.
Safe travels in the summer and winter
No matter what time of year you come to visit, winter or summer, we always want your Baikal travels to be safe.
Tips for planning your visit to Baikal
Answers to frequently asked questions. (Can't find the answer to your question here? Then please write us at: tourismbaikalinfo@gmail.com